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Вибромассажер Flexed в Костанае

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Вибромассажер Flexed в Костанае
Вибромассажер Flexed

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Chino, CA As nurse, we constantly have to be updating our credentials. We absolutely love Flex-Ed!

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We can do the majority of our classes online and then just hop in for the skills check off portions. The staff and instructors are always super nice and helpful. We are so glad they exist to make our lives just a little bit easier! This review is for Ms. The instructors were very knowledgeable and thorough and had plenty of clinical background that I was able to learn from which you cannot get though say an online course.

I just wish there were more courses offered on the weekends.. I just started a 4 day class yesterday but from that 1 day, I have a good indication that this place is great for your continuing education needs. Flex Ed has a beautiful lobby, comfortable, quiet classrooms not too hot-not too cold and clear and easy arrival procedures. Signs are posted showing you exactly where to go and what to do. I signed up for the class on-line in November so I could get in before it was full. I was one of the first people to arrive yesterday and Elva was quick and friendly with checking me in and pointing me in the right direction.

I had a Day 1 class with Ken Burnett and he was knowledgeable and well organized on the class material, following a hand-out as well as the book.

Flexed вибромассажер для особи: ціна, відгуки, купити Флексед з доставкою

I learned a great deal right from the beginning. He started promptly and moved through the material at a good pace. He allotted time for questions and individual help and came around personally to anyone who had questions on the material. There was a mid-morning break and a hour for lunch. The restrooms were clean and easily accessible. The whole day was perfect and I had a great time. I am looking forward to my remaining classes and possibly more in the future.

Everyone I spoke to working at the facility was helpful and friendly. As long as you are on time and prepared for learning, Flex Ed makes it easy for you to have a great experience. I would recommend them to anyone. This class has a lot of material to cover, but I stayed engaged throughout the expert lectures given by Norma. The hands on simulations and tools were very useful. The facility is clean looks very new and kept in good order.

I was always warmly greeted by staff and would recommend other healthcare professionals to take classes here. Finished my day 4 of class today for Dysrhythmia Interp.

Вибромассажер Flexed в Костанае

Rodney and Don made the class material easier to understand and broke it down providing real world examples and experiential knowledge. Flex Ed has a nice location with quiet classrooms and clean bathrooms. Highly recommend for your continuing education needs. If I could give 0 stars I would. DO NOT go here if you can avoid it. After the test I was one question over the passing mark.

Вібромасажер Flexed для поліпшення шкіри обличчя

The instructor today would not let me. Told me that I have to take the class again and pay for it again. He was rude about it as well. DO NOT take your chances of this happening to you Went to get information about some classes and the staff were very friendly and patient. I have friends that have taken classes from flex Ed and they were happy also. The office was very nice and right off the freeway which made it easy to find.

I was pre-registered for a CPR renewal class.

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I got to the site San Dimas Hospital Walked up to the front lobby and asked where the conference room was, and informed the front desk that I had a CPR renewal class So just an FYI Totally convenient for Nurses like me with tight schedules.

Their classes are given by actual paramedics The prices are reasonable and their schedules are accommodating. Been coming here for 20 years, just completed ACLS renewal as always the class was great. The classes are offered at lots of locations, and the staff is always friendly. I take a lot of classes here, I have never been disappointed or not passed.

Cards are given the day you pass the classes. They work with you no matter how nervous you are. I received access to classes for free through my employer.

Flex Ed Highlights

I did take a great labor nurse class taught by Pixy and she was awesome! The other instructors were very disorganized! Depending on the hospital you work for, the education modules CEUs will be offered at discount or free. At my hospital, they were free.

Recently, I did three gargantuan take-home modules totaling 25 CEUs and worked on them for a whole weekend. Needless to say, they did not honor the modules, nor appreciate the fact that it was THEIR error that wasted all my time and effort. I did take a Critical Care Course taught by a co-worker of mine whom was phenomenal and a wealth of knowledge. Better to spend your time doing the online ones--at least then you know they have to honor them.

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There are also a bunch of free ones online if you look. Flex-Ed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Learn more 11 reviews.

Название товара: Вибромассажер Flexed

Страна: Франция

Год: 2018

Срок годности: до 18.12.2024

Рейтинг товара: 4.96 из 5.00 на основе 273 голосов

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