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Saving Box в Нефтеюганске

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Saving Box экономитель энергии в Нефтеюганске
Saving Box

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Реактивное электричество с физической точки зрения

I had heard some mixed reviews on the palette as it launched on the Huda Beauty website weeks before Cult Beauty and I was excited to finally test it out for myself! This is more shadows than the majority of the palettes I own which helps justify the price a little.

However, Morphe palettes include 35 shadows for more than half the price! These shadows make the palette very different to most on the market and the shadows are so well done that I feel it deserves the shocking price tag…maybe. This leaves 10 ordinary matte shadows which is key for any palette in my opinion!

Заявленный принцип действия

I feel the colour range is incredible as it contains all my favourites — rose gold, copper and cranberry! Packaging Now to talk about something which may not make a difference to your decision, but I always like to address it. The shadows come in a clear magnetic palette ensuring the shadows are kept safe and so it will not easily fling itself open. The clear packaging is useful as you can see all the shades without having to open the palette up, although I do find this packaging quite boring and ugly.

However, this does then slides out of a further packaging which I really love.

Как экономить с новыми тарифами?

Although, having this extra packaging could be annoying and could get lost. Quality and Pigmentation Finally to talk about what really matters — the quality of these shadows!

The colour pay off varies a lot in this palette so I will talk about the shadows seperately. Создай множество образов Textured and pearl shadows — the textured shadows felt very strange when swatching them, but not in a bad way at all! The pigmentation to both the textured and pearl shadows are insane!

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Matte shadows — unfortunately, the matte shadows I was not so impressed by. These are the softest matte shadows I have ever felt and some shades were highly pigmented but others were honestly terrible.

Палетка теней I was very disappointed to find how chalky these shadows were especially for such a pricey palette! Swatches I have swatched all 3 rows of the palette and used flash so you can get the best idea of the shades.

So, to answer the question, was it worth the splurge? However, whether it was worth the hype is a different question.

Как использовать «Electricity saving box»

Палетка теней Huda Beauty Худа Бьюти desert dusk palette 18в1 Being one of the most beautiful palettes I have ever seen with such unique shadows I can totally understand why there was so much hype around this! I hoped that helped! I will be blogging a look using this palette soon so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading.

Название товара: Saving Box экономитель энергии

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 2018

Срок годности: до 24.12.2029

Рейтинг товара: 4.97 из 5.00 на основе 348 голосов

Маркировка продукции: Сертификат EAC

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